Financial Services moves to electronic applications in the field.

Mortgage brokers moving onto our mobile forms platform can now submit home loan applications electronically from the applicants home or office. With signatures and the ability to take photos of supporting documents as evidence for home loan applications, allows vast savings in paper application costs, time and accuracy of collected information.

Using electronic applications on a smartphone or tablet can be a lot easier than filling in tedious paperwork where the broker has to write out all the text fields. With an electronic application, it’s much quicker to select from drop down boxes or pre-populate fields automatically. Especially when application fields are repeated across multiple pages for different areas of application forms.

When using our mobile forms platform on your smartphone or iPad or Android tablet you will be able to complete the client application for financial services much quicker. Each section of the application can be customised to your liking and usually, this entails separate sections or tabs for personal demographics, assets and liabilities, supporting documents that are photographed or uploaded and secured within the electronic form on the mobile device as well as any other information that may be required.

When visiting a previous client, you can retrieve the client’s existing information from the server or your personal client information spreadsheet if you so wish. This helps to prepopulate the electronic application with readable text. No more applications arrive at the application processing centre that cannot be read by data capturers. And if you customise your electronic mobile form to include validations then even fewer errors are likely to be made by financial services brokers.

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