Avoiding a block on your Instagram Account is something that we all want. Here are 5 quick tips to keep your Instagram account on the straight and narrow when you are doing Instagram marketing on your own.

  1. Confirm email & phone number.
    Make sure to use 1 phone number for a maximum of 3 accounts. Having too many accounts linked to the same phone number will be signalling to Instagram that the phone number is linked to automated and spam orientated accounts. You stand a chance of getting all accounts linked to that one phone number blocked.
  2. Add your profile picture
    To legitimise your Instagram account it is important to make it look like a normal persons account. If it looks suspiciously like a spam or bot account then it will be flagged by Instagram and it will be more difficult to prove that your account was legitimately set up.
  3. Manually post from the mobile app
    Okay, so we all love ourselves right? Well Instagram is no different and they Loooooove their mobile app.
    Before trying to get too fancy with your Instagram account post at least 5 posts manually from your phone or tablet.
  4. Avoid spamming
    If you post someone else's photos and the original photo owner asks you to remove it or give credit, then make sure you do it. If you don't then the original owner can file a report against you with obvious consequences, so you need to do it immediately to avoid the owner's abusive comments on your account and the reports.
  5. Beware the use of automated apps
    If you do use automated tools to assist with your Instagram marketing campaigns it's important to never use more than one tool or software at a time while you run campaigns. Using the Instagram API is within the terms and conditions of Instagram but it's important to ensure that there aren't multiple API connections at the same time. Manage your auto pilot activities carefully.

    Avoid sending automatic messages too often or in large numbers. If you do auto post comments then make sure to vary your comments from post to post. Too many of the same, similar or duplicate comments will get your account(s) "temporary blocked" from posting further comments.

    If you do auto posting on you rInstagram account then make sure to carefully set the options in the software or tools you use. Provide as many variations as possible for post captions & hashtags to avoid duplicate post captions being found by the Instagram account reviewers and automated bots.

So what happens if your Instagram is blocked? How do you retrieve access to it?

​Well fortunately Instagram has draw up a comprehensive help article and topic on how to recover disabled Instagram accounts. We may post another article on this topic at a later date, but for now you can head over to this URL address and take it from there. https://help.instagram.com/366993040048856

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