Imagine being able to do a FULL property inspection in under 15 minutes flat….

That’s including all the “paperwork”, “filing”, taking videos and photos of property damage and noting any repairs required.  Oh, yes, that also includes automatically notifying the electrician and plumber that they need to fix the gas oven and the leaking pipe and sending a request to the Smoke Alarm Management company to replace a faulty detector.  PLUS notifying all the Investment Owners and automatically emailing them the full inspection report with photos already placed in the document.  All in 15 minutes.

Think it’s impossible? I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true. And I’ll show you how.

…..with our fantastic mobile platform.

You can convert ALL your paperwork to electronic format. Attach files, photos and videos to the captured information and have a complete, auditable trail of electronic “paperwork” together with all the evidence you ever needed. Signed off with real signatures, all done on the mobile device and any necessary authorisations.

Hell, on a good day you could probably whip around a property and have all this done in under ten minutes!

The mobile platform is so capable; I’ve never seen anything remotely as powerful, or flexible and easily implemented in the last 25 years.

And all this for about 23% or less of the cost savings your real estate or property management company is going to enjoy.

That’s roughly a 500% return on your investment, plus peace of mind.

Quite frankly……it’s a no-brainer for Real Estate Property Managers to use this every day. 

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