Add value to your business and customers using mobile apps and put real value in their hands

Consumers often want to know when they are in-store or nearby what your current offers are. Simply because less customers carry around torn out vouchers from posted catalogues these days. The majority of householders simply toss your latest catalogue into the recycle bin when they walk in through the door. Or browse through it a week later when they have little else to do. Which in many instances have expired or are close to expiring.

Making your offers immediately available on their mobile phone with expiry reminders and geo-location alerts, immediately puts your latest offer in your consumers' hands and your offer take-up will increase dramatically.

Integrate your promotional campaigns with your mobile app to gain more customers and and more redemptions.

Your mobile app gives you access to a range of smart, easy-to-monitor analytics and map-based reporting of customer downloads, message opens, redemptions tracking and insightful customer behaviour. Regardless of the marketing media you use, mobile platforms add value to your customer and allows both you and them to manage and monitor all your offers.

Build a channel directly to your end users.

There's absolutely no way traditional media can ever give you the same direct interaction with consumers that a mobile app can. Over time your mobile app and the connected customer database, together with all the valuable data about their use of the app, will become one of your most cost-effective customer communication tools.

Make sure that you get to grips with how you can use your mobile app to the best advantage. Try sending a push message at least once a week, that adds value to their lives. This means that you cannot spam them with trivial messages all day long. Spamming your user base is the quickest way out of their mobile world.

Craft the push message or offer, then reconsider it and get some feedback from other office workers, before sending it out.

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