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Software to make a Sales Rep’s life easier

It’s often the case that while visiting a customer you want to know what their last order was before placing a recurring or new order for them. With our mobile platform (using it as field software for sales reps) this is really easy to do and can save a lot of time, effort and money, as well as provide the customer with a better service experience.

Field Software for Sales Reps

We set up the mobile platform for you with special templates to act as field software or mobile apps for your sales reps and these templates do a number of intelligent tasks, such as, ask the company servers what the last order was for a particular client when that client is selected by the rep on their tablet or mobile phone.

In the above scenario, a sales rep visiting a client needs to place an order for them. The rep first creates a customer order history request by selecting the customer from a “previous accounts” list and then choosing whether they want the last order or a predefined basic order of your choosing returned to the sales rep’s phone or tablet.

When this request is sent it is first routed to the company’s sales history server where it retrieves the information and returns a stock order message containing either a set of regularly ordered items by that client or the items ordered by the customer from the last order they placed with your company.

The rep can then adjust the quantities, remove unwanted items or even add extra products or services a lot quicker than creating a new order from scratch. Field Software for Sales Reps, such as this implementation of the mobile app platform, can increase the productivity of sales reps in the field by saving time and having the sales history at their finger tips.

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