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Upgraded Features for Mobile Field Services and Forms Platform

We are thrilled to announce an upgrade to our field services platform offering with the release of new features and enhancements coming in August 2016.

Clever Property Managers use this every day

Imagine being able to do a FULL property inspection in under 15 minutes flat.... That's including all the "paperwork", "filing", taking videos and photos of property damage and noting any repairs required. Oh, yes, that also includes automatically notifying the electrician and plumber that they need to fix the gas oven and the leaking pipe and sending a request to the Smoke Alarm Management company to replace a faulty detector. PLUS notifying all the Investment Owners and emailing them the photos, videos and a full inspection report. All in 15 minutes.

Mortgage brokers do electronic applications in the field

Your Financial Services field staff can move to electronic applications in the field using their mobile phones and tablets. Mortgage brokers using our mobile forms platform can now submit a home loan, or any credit application for that matter, electronically from the applicants home or office. With signatures and the ability to take photos of supporting documents as evidence for home loan applications, allows vast savings in paper application costs, time and accuracy of collected information.

Field Software for Sales Reps

It's often the case that while visiting a customer you want to know what their last order was before placing a recurring or new order for them. With our mobile forms platform (using it as field software for sales reps) this is really easy to do and can save a lot of time, effort and money, as well as provide the customer with a better service experience.

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