How to be a Mobile App Tester

Did you know that you can earn money from testing mobile apps? There are companies that specialise in testing apps and pay people to test hundreds of mobile apps in their spare time. Perhaps you have time on your hands to test mobile apps?

During a recent conversation with a business associate they asked me who we get to test our mobile apps for clients. Well, all our mobile apps are currently tested in-house before the client gets to see them. 

But it got me thinking about all the people that have spare time on their hands and like trying out the latest iPhone or Android app on their smartphone. Did you know that there are thousands of new apps released into the market every day?

A quick investigation led me to this company that specialises in outsourcing mobile app testing and paying people to do reviews on the apps once they have tried them out.

You see, there are so many apps out there, that many of them don't get found, because few people download them onto their mobile device.

test mobile phone apps

All you need is some kind of mobile device - phone or tablet - to get started. You choose an app from their database and download it onto your device. Then test it out. After you are familiar with the app, you log into your account and write a review on the app you have tested. It looks like they don't mind what country you live in.

The more apps you test and the more reviews you write, the more money you make!​

So, if you are interested in earning a little money or a lot of money on the side as a mobile app tester, then scan the QR code or click on the link to get started. Because it looks like they need more people to test mobile apps. And as I said.....they don't mind what country you live in.

Good luck! Let us know how you go.

Or scan the QR code with your smartphone.

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