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General Topics about mobile apps, mobile technology (our favourite subject), mobile field service software platforms and anything else we think is exciting in the world of mobile.

Clever Property Managers use this every day

Imagine being able to do a FULL property inspection in under 15 minutes flat.... That's including all the "paperwork", "filing", taking videos and photos of property damage and noting any repairs required. Oh, yes, that also includes automatically notifying the electrician and plumber that they need to fix the gas oven and the leaking pipe and sending a request to the Smoke Alarm Management company to replace a faulty detector. PLUS notifying all the Investment Owners and emailing them the photos, videos and a full inspection report. All in 15 minutes.

What’s “Smart” about a Smartphone?

Every phone now-a-days is a ‘Smartphone’, unless your ODC restricts it But have you ever wondered what’s so ‘Smart’ about a ‘Smartphone’? What is a ‘Dumb-phone’ then? When did this terminology emerged? Let me try & answer… In simple English, a phone that is ‘Smart’ is known as a ‘Smartphone’. Now what’s smart about a [...]

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