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  • Are you fed up with HR processes being the Nr. 1 obstacle in your life?
  • Tired of all the paperwork moving around? Getting Lost?
  • Not having easy access to the correct forms?

The good news is: We have the solution. And it's accessible to any person or business anywhere around the world. Totally accessible, inexpensive and works on smartphones and tablets.

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If you’re looking for a HR solution or system that makes light work of your usual human resource management tasks then this is for you.

It is a complete HR layer built on a robust mobile platform and includes a range of benefits.

1. It's very Eco-friendly
All your normal HR paperwork will go onto the app and customised to your liking. And any form applications, for example, staff leave, go online and data can be stored in the software or put into your own systems through integration API's. So, cut down on paper usage and conserve our  precious planet.

2. Information is just a click away.
Employee’s data can be conveniently accessed, tracked and audited. In addition, you can set it up so that all the employees can view who is on leave and who will be on leave on any day. You decide who has access to the information and where it is stored.

3. Instant access for authorisations
Get instant access to view your employee’s form submissions and authorise them on your smartphone or tablet at a convenient time.

4. Reduce Human Errors
HR staff will no longer have to search through heaps of personnel files and paperwork. Mis-filed and misplaced forms will be a thing of the past. Your company’s HR forms are smoothly managed, safe and secure on the mobile platform. Let your HR department breathe a sign of relief.

5. Automation
Automating HR tasks and workflow processes on the mobile platform is so easy and electronic routing is almost instantaneous. If the user is not online at the time then the platform will transmit the message or form when they are reconnected.

6. Remote Access, Control and Security
Messaged data can be totally secured to the level you need. The platform has been used by Government departments, the military, large and small companies as well as non-profits. You get to control and manage the data and information the way you like.

7. Empower your employees
The mobile platform makes it easier and instant for employees to view their own HR submissions from their mobile device. This enables employees to perform HR tasks from anywhere on their mobile device instead of at the expense of during work hours or work interruptions.

8. And it does MORE.....
Unlike other mobile apps, you are not limited to only using the platform in HR. The mobile platform can be used in any industry, across the world and in any type of environment. Start with HR functionality then move onto Sales, Operations and other functions. Anything and everything can be digitised onto the mobile platform. Contact us to find out more or ask any questions at [email protected] or +61 450 717 602

Enter your details below and let us show you how easy it is...FOR FREE