REAL ESTATE: Property Management Goes Mobile

Want to make your Property Management EASIER and LESS EXPENSIVE?

Would you like to know how your own mobile devices can make managing your Rent Roll so MUCH EASIER and LESS expensive? Or your sales listings for that matter?

Even if you currently use mobile devices in your property management, YOU STILL NEED TO SEE THIS!

Do you waste a lot of valuable time and money.....

  • Writing email reports to owners?
  • Doing property inspections using paper forms?
  • Uploading photos from your camera and then inserting them into your reports?
  • On tedious Entry and Exit reports?
  • Preparing landlord reports?
  • Trying to resize your photographs to be small enough to actually email out?
  • Printing an enormous amount of paper forms and contracts?
  • Running around trying to get signatures?
  • Frustrated with your Trust software and other real estate software because they JUST DON'T DO what you want or how you do it in your company?

There is a much better and less expensive way of managing properties. From just $1 per day.

We have the widest range of property management functionalities built into our Real Estate mobile app platform.

  • Photos, videos, name it, it's got it!
  • Automated Emails, Spreadsheets, Word documents, Contracts, Reports and many more workflow features
  • Totally customisable the way you like it
  • Time Saving and Simple to USE
  • Link it to your Trust Account or Maintenance software
  • Adheres to State and Country Real Estate Regulations

You’ll be thrilled at the “bottom line” impact of using our cost effective and simple mobile technology in your agency or property management company.

Take Your Property Services to the TOP!

Now you can enjoy....​

  • Onsite rental property inspections together with automated reports....generated in seconds
  • Track property keys...know who has the key you need.
  • Open home listings...submitted from your smartphone
  • Entry and Exit reports in a flash
  • Open Home statistics and automated Seller reports
  • ....and many more. Any form, any process.

We can confidently say that there are currently NO COMPETITOR products or services in the market that can touch this.

Naomi **** Champions Real Estate

It's so quick and easy to do my rental inspections now. Using my smartphone I can take photos of issues and make notes right there and then inside the app platform. These all get included in the automatically generated landlord report. It looks professional, customised to our brand and saves me so much time.

Feel confident and in control of your client's properties at all times with the necessary information at your fingertips.

Don't spend long hours in the office after 5PM trying to get through all your paperwork.​

Work from anywhere with or without a mobile connection. It doesn't need an internet connection to work.

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Unlike other Real Estate mobile apps, our mobile platform can digitise ANY property form and any workflow process.

And at such a great price! At just $30 per month for our introductory offer you will get access to this mobile platform that revolutionises the way you manage your client's rental properties and your sellers' listings. That's more value than any other mobile software app from only $1 per day.

Big brands use it to make their operations super efficient, saving time and money.
Now it's available to REAL ESTATE and PROPERTY MANAGEMENT companies. It's well worth a free demo.

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Take your Property Services to the TOP!