Smarter job management for trades & services

Eliminate paperwork, improve productivity & provide great service to your customers.


#1 Mobile App for Field Services, Trades and Services Jobs

Do you need to...

  • Reduce admin and paperwork?
  • Quickly handle forms, including your dreaded Regulatory forms?
  • Navigate to clients and customers?
  • Manage your staff better?
  • Improve job and project management?
  • Reduce business costs?

If your answer was YES to any of those questions then...

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A Mobile App and Job Management Platform For Field Services, Trades and Service Businesses

ServiceM8's mobile app and web management platform is the solution for any field services, trade or service based business. Take control and work smarter with real-time communication between your office, field staff and customers with easy to use mobile app and website back office that runs on Apple devices such as iPhones and iPads.

Most companies are in need of a mobile app for field services, trades and services that helps them perform work each day at their customer's home, site or office.

As a business owner one of your challenges is to have better management of your staff and jobs/projects. Correct?

You also want to reduce your costs and the amount of admin or paperwork that goes hand in hand with those jobs and projects. Also true? Of course yet.

Both of these are the bane of every business owner. And in particular, when it comes to regulatory requirements paperwork, controls and staff management things can quickly get out of hand and fall behind.

Today you are going to see the best solution to these challenges that's so simple anyone can use it to radically improve their business.


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Field services made easy with mobile apps and web platforms

This is the easiest to use and full featured job management platform and mobile app combination without breaking the bank! An easy choice for our business. We schedule, navigate to jobs and invoice within a few seconds. Automated SMS messages and emails to our clients make a big difference to our service offering.


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Look At These Fantastic Features

Boost sales with mobile wallet loyalty software

Get paid faster

Produce professional invoices in seconds and even take payment before you leave the job.

Boost sales with mobile wallet loyalty software

Complete more work

On average businesses using ServiceM8 complete 30% more work in the first 3 months.

Boost sales with mobile wallet loyalty software

Win more work

With professional quotes and better communication, you’ll win more new work and earn repeat customers.

Automate Tasks

Automate Tasks

Automate common tasks in ServiceM8 to save time, win more work, and get paid faster.



Get staff or customers to complete simple forms as part of the job.

Schedule Booking Reminders

Booking Reminders

Automatically send e-mail/SMS reminders to customers prior to scheduled bookings.



Badges assist in passing critical job information from the office to staff in the field.

Reminders and Recurring Events

Recurring Jobs + Reminders

Get staff or customers to complete simple forms as part of the tasks done for the job.


ServiceM8 Network

Easily send and receive work orders and quote requests to any other business or sub-contractor even if they aren't using ServiceM8.

Online Booking

Online Booking

Allows your clients to quickly make online job or service bookings on your website or Facebook Page as well as accept quotes. These will then show up in ServiceM8.

Mailchimp integration

Mailchimp Integration

MailChimp helps you design email newsletters, share them on social networks, and track your results.

Zapier integration


Automatically connect your ServiceM8 to over 500 other software platforms using Zaps.

Multiple Locations

MYOB Integration

MYOB accounting software has made business life easier for over a million businesses. Manage your invoicing, expenses, GST, cashflow and inventory all in the one place.

Xero Integration

Xero Integration

Send information from ServiceM8 into your Xero accounting package in the cloud. See your cashflow in real-time with online accounting, invoicing, billing & banking. This means that you won't need to double capture those invoices into Xero any more!!

Accept Stripe Card Payments

Quickbooks Integration

Integrating ServiceM8 with QuickBooks Online allows you to sync customers, inventory and invoices to QuickBooks Online, saving you time and preventing double entry. 

Multiple Locations

Multiple Work Locations

Enables your business to have multiple office locations. Navigation assistance is then based on the closest location to the job to be serviced.

Xero Integration

Recurring Jobs Auto Routing

Automatically assign time and staff for Recurring Job bookings to minimise distance travelled.

Accept Stripe Card Payments

Stripe Payments

Accept credit card payments online and in the field using ServiceM8 and your iPhone or iPad.

Multiple Locations

iPhone Measuring

Yes, that's correct. You can use your iPhone to measure and quote on a job without even getting a tape measure out of your pocket. The measuring feature is built into ServiceM8, so you have all the necessary tools in your phone for quoting.

Xero Integration

Activity Feed Reports

Automatically posts reports to the activity feed on jobs completed each day, time spent on different jobs and an summary of active and non-active jobs.

Accept Stripe Card Payments

Staff Leave

Specify times that staff are on leave, this will be displayed on the Dispatch Board Calendar and Staff Schedule.

Multiple Locations


Set up services your business offers to empower customers with self-serve functions. It features advanced online booking forms for customers to book services your business offers.

Xero Integration

Partial Invoicing

Invoice deposits and progress payments on partly completed work for long term jobs. 

Accept Stripe Card Payments

Payment Terms

Specify times different payment terms for specific customers so that your invoice due dates are always correct.

Multiple Locations

Simple Custom Reports

Create simple custom reports for your business.

Xero Integration

Easy Job Allocations

A new way to schedule jobs without a specific booking date/time. Simply drop jobs onto staff as urgent / morning / afternoon / anytime. 

Accept Stripe Card Payments

Time Sheet Sync

Send staff clock-on / clock-off times to MYOB, Xero and QuickBooks Online as employee timesheets.

Multiple Locations

Track My Arrival

Allow customers to see staff arriving at jobs in real-time via SMS.

Xero Integration

Customer Feedback

Allow customers to easily give feedback/testimonials about your business. 

Accept Stripe Card Payments

Calendar Imports

Import staff free/busy status from a Google, Office 365 or other iCal-compatible calendar.

Multiple Locations

External Calendars

View your ServiceM8 schedule in Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, and on your Mac or iPhone.

Xero Integration

Advanced Reports Pack

Exportable job and client reports for MS Excel users. 

Accept Stripe Card Payments

Advanced Photo Branding

Control how photos are branded before being emailed to clients and suppliers.

Multiple Locations

Job Costing

Display cost and profit data so you can see how much you're making on each job.

Xero Integration

iOS Contacts Sync

Automatically sync your ServiceM8 customers to your iPhone/iPad contacts. 

Accept Stripe Card Payments

Job Templates

Create job templates which can be used to easily book new jobs with pre-filled information, items/services and more.

Multiple Locations

Office 365 Integration

Integrate ServiceM8 with Office 365 to deliver ServiceM8 emails from your own email address and see them in your Sent items folder.

Xero Integration

Staff Licence Numbers

Allow licence numbers to be added to staff, so they can be automatically used in forms and templates. 

Accept Stripe Card Payments

Margin Billing

Adds Cost and Margin columns to the Quotes & Invoicing tab on the Job Card, so you can set costs per item on each job.

Multiple Locations

Reece Pricelist

Automatically import your monthly pricefile from Reece Plumbing.

Xero Integration

BPay Reference Number

Add your BPay reference to documents that go out to clients. 

Accept Stripe Card Payments

Zodiac Pure Solutions Pool Water Testing

Empowers staff and technicians with the confidence to recommend the best pool chemicals for their customers.

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Some Features In More Detail

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Recurring Jobs + Reminders

Recurring Jobs

Control your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly job schedules. Use job templates to easily manage what information is set in jobs across a job schedule, or even across a group of clients.


While recurring jobs are great to manage pre-booked work, reminders assist in managing potential work. By using follow-ups and inbox reminders, the inbox becomes a simple tool to remind clients via E-mail or SMS that it's time for their next service / appointment, or even one-on-one marketing using templates.

Follow Up Badges

Follow Up Badges allow you to quickly set a one off reminder for a job, give your customer a quick after service call or SMS or let them know their house, lawn, product or pool etc is due for a check-up. It’s great way to provide better customer service and drum up extra business.

Recurring Jobs and Reminders - SM8


Badges assist in passing critical job information from the office or dispatcher to field workers on mobile devices.ServiceM8 provides badges for a wide variety of uses, as a business you can choose which badges will be useful to you - and rename the badge so office and field staff agree to each badges meaning.

Badges in ServiceM8
Zapier integration

Zapier & ServiceM8 Allow Amazing Things To Happen

Zapier is a user-friendly platform for connecting and automating workflows across cloud-based apps. With Zapier, we can build customised connections between supported apps for you. These connections between apps work on a cause and effect basis i.e. you Zapier to detect a certain event in one app, which